I'm back!

We bought a house. This house. We move in next month.


I haven't forgotten you

It has now been six days since I last posted a "picture-of-the-day." When I undertook the task of posting a picture every day, I was starting an experiment that has ended. I can no longer keep up with it every day. (Sorry Kristine and mom, I know you check almost daily.)

But I will still post pictures often. Just not every day. So now this is Braden's Picture-of-the-Whenever-I-Feel-Like-it blog.

I anticipate that I will start to take pictures more often closer to Christmas when I am with friends and family, and will have pictures to post on an almost daily basis. But until then, just wait. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.



I'm a slacker. I haven't actually posted a picture here since Sunday. But I backdated some pictures for each day I missed. These were all classics from our trip to northern California.

It was one beautiful morning when we went on a short hike through a grove of very old redwood trees. We took lots of pictures on the hike, but my favorites were the ones with the rays of light in between the trees.


Winding Roads

It was a fun road trip to California, but there were A LOT of winding roads!

Car sickness is never fun, so we were extra careful in driving.


Coastal fog

There wasn't much of a view off this lookout, except the fog.


Beach Dreaming

Katie and I wish we were at the beach today instead of buried in snow! We will keep dreaming. Beach Dreaming!



This is a winter tree, decorated in blue, silver, and white. Now we're ready for Christmas.



Now that November is coming to a close, we're getting ready for the Christmas tree by moving our dining room table from the center of the room to the side of the room. This empty space will become our Christmas area.


Thanksgiving meal

Those of us that were working on Thanksgiving decided to create a meal together. It was quite delicious but not a real family meal.


Hot Chocolate

It was a good day for hot chocolate!


Advent calendars

We're ready for Christmas countdowns!



My beautiful wife.

We were on a metallic elevator, which made an excellent background.